“Teabag Ode,” “Love Letter,” and “Blue Whale Instructions” (poetry) in Right Hand Pointing, 2022
Everything Everywhere All at Once” (prose) in wig-wag, 2022
          Nominated for Best of the Net
Mary Cassatt’s In the Loge“ and “Warm Water” (poetry) in *82 Review, 2022
And now the weather” (poetry, text art) installed at Logan Center Exhibitions, 2020
For a Successful B.A. Thesis Show, ‘sear pork shoulder’” (review) in The Chicago Maroon, 2019
Untitled (Black Love)” (wall text) in Down Time: On the Art of Retreat at the Smart Museum of Art, 2019
“Naomi Watanabe is Brand New” (article) in MODA Magazine, 2018
“Under” (poetry) in Sliced Bread Magazine, 2017
“Breaking Bread with Amelia Frank” (interview) in Sliced Bread Magazine, 2017
“It will never quite be this way again” (interview and photography) in Grey City, 2017